Hello – I love the way art can solve problems for people. There are only so many coffee mugs, t-shirts and gift cards you can give for a special occasion or corporate gift – but an original painting or limited edition print is guaranteed to make an impact and a welcome change!

Pastel is my preferred medium because of its vibrancy and versatility – it’s not chalk or crayon – it’s a stick of pure pigment, and the vast colour range is pure joy. Pastels have been used by artists since the Renaissance including Degas and Manet.

I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember and I find working in pastel perfectly dovetails my love of detailed drawing with painting. Creativity was most likely inherited from my mother, Lois Elford, who was a talented porcelain artist, watercolourist and oil painter – but working in pastel became my passion after taking lessons with pastel artist, Deirdre Dixon.

My work is detailed and takes countless hours to complete depending on the subject. I like to paint landscapes and natural subjects, particularly places that people recognise and connect with.

Some of my landscape art comes from places that are special to my son, who has severe autism. He is happiest among nature, especially wandering on Sydney’s northern beaches or walking through the bushlands of the Sydney Hills. When he’s happy, I’m happy and capturing these moments through art reminds me of this.