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Life can be tough for a studio dog – it’s a never ending round of sleeping on blankets under easels, tolerating endless 80s music on iHeart Radio and trying to get the attention of an overly focussed artist who has little regard for proper meal times. 

Studio Dog generously sharing the comfy chair with The Fluffy Eraser

Studio dog is coming to understand that he must remain calm in the creative realm. Tail wagging is a dangerous activity in a room full of pastel art where one happy swipe against a half completed pastel work propped against a wall can reduce it to the underpainting! 

After a particularly tense moment when the house cat emerged smug from the studio 50 shades of purple after rubbing out at least eight hours of hard slog on a painting of agapanthus, she was promptly christened the ‘fluffy eraser’ and forever banished. What had once seemed like a supreme advantage over the dog – the ability to leap gracefully onto any surface at any height and begin swirling and rubbing against the nearest hard surface – had in fact led to her fall from grace. It had become clear to all that fluffy cats and pastel don’t mix. 

Studio dog delights in his edge over the fluffy eraser and joyfully keeps his artist company throughout the painting process, snoring, grunting and snoozing his way through each piece. 

He has a fondness for his collection of polar fleece rugs, makes the occasional demand for a back scratch on that perpetually itchy spot that escapes the reach of most slightly overfed hounds  and likes to ensure his artist takes regular breaks through his ability to clear the studio in seconds without notice. 


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  1. Desley, I love the dog blog and the story about the fluffy eraser :). I love your work and look forward to seeing more, keep up the great work.

  2. Had a great chuckle about fluffy eraser and studio dog. I can relate entirely to their antics and their pecking order – I also have one of each. And I love your compositions, you are very talented and have a great eye for detail.

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