Welcome to Desley Stewart’s official art hub!

Stuck for that special gift idea? Get the picture!

 While you’re here you can view my artwork, check out my blogs about what I do and how I do it – or catch up on the latest canine antics in the Studio Dog Blog!



Click on ‘BIO‘ to check in with Desley, find out what makes her tick, and how art can help you solve your gift dilemmas.



The ‘Artwork‘ tab has an online gallery with both original pastel artworks and limited edition, high quality Giclee prints for you to browse and buy.

You’ll also find information about commissions. Producing exclusive artwork takes loads of time, research and setup, so the number available annually is strictly limited.

And there’s all the information you need about exclusive framing and include shipping. All prices quoted are Australian dollars.



Click on the ‘Blog‘ to discover what’s on the easel and why, find out what it takes to produce art that people will fall in love with and catch up with the Studio Dog in his very own Studio Dog Blog!



Click on ‘Contact us‘ to sign up for our VIP Club, Corporate Club or e-newsletter – or simply ask me a question.

So come on in and enjoy the art!


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